Thursday, February 13, 2020

Discussion and Respond Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion and Respond - Dissertation Example The company which I work for uses John Adair’s model of Action Centered Leadership. This model motivates the team as a whole to perform their task and achieve targets. This model encourages the achievement of goals as the only aim for the team and further enhances individual and team performance by creating new opportunities as they achieve their targets appropriately. Teams are formed and directed towards a goal as per their performance and individualistic performance is weighed against what is expected of individuals in their capacity as a part of the team. Herzberg’s theory or the motivation-hygiene theory is based on two factors which increase satisfaction of employees at the workplace on one hand and reduce the chances of dissatisfaction on the other. These factors motivate the employees to work and continue their relationship with the organization. This theory can be applied to my personal and recent experience with a local firm which is an owner managed small siz e corporation. The company provides challenging work, motivational incentives like bonuses and proper performance appraisals which provide a positive encouragement to all of us in continuing our jobs with full devotion and efficiency. The incentives both financial and non-financial act as a force which encourages us to perform better than our past and the challenging tasks and targets enable us to work harder.

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