Monday, November 18, 2019

Assignment Two Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Assignment Two - Essay Example icle on â€Å"The effect of unionization on the gender earnings gap in Canada† by Shamsuddin and University of New England (1996), women are not as organized as compared to men when it comes to joining unions. Gender variations in unions are a critical topic in Human Resource Economics because students in the management class get to understand the role that unions play in a state. The second question is on the topic of 21st century unionization rates by genders. Have the rates of men and women in Unions changed in the 21st century? Contrary to the number of women who joined unions in the 1990s, women in the 21st century are now joining unions at an increasing rate. Women in 1981 were at a rate of 31% as compared to men who were at a rate of 42% in terms of joining unions (Barry & Wilkinson, 2011). The 21st century unionization rates by genders serves as a fundamental topic in Human Resource Economic because students in a management class are in a better position to address gender differences among employees as future managers. Lastly, the other question is on unionization rates in Canada and United States. Is there enough evidence to show that the unionization rates in Canada are similar to those in the U.S? According to Barry and Wilkinson (2011), there is little research showing the possible causes of gender variations in Canada. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct more research to fully understand the gender variations in unions which are in Canada (Shamsuddin & University of New England, 1996). The unionization rates in Canada and the U.S are important in Human Resource Economics because they allow management students to understand the factors that have an impact on different countries when it comes to managing unions or different employees as future

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