Monday, November 25, 2019

buy custom Adobe Connect for Web Meetings essay

buy custom Adobe Connect for Web Meetings essay Nowadays, the technology can extremely contribute to the dissemination of information from central locations to various places across the world with the presence of a dedicated Internet access as well as private line services. Web conferencing can only be possible if the Internet connection has a dedicated bandwidth (Song, 2010). This method of communication is easy connecting people over the Internet across the world. Therefore, web conferencing can add up to the savings of your company because of reducing travel cost and other expenses, especially when business meetings or engagements take place at a distant place (Song, 2010). In addition to reducing the companys expenses, web conferencing can make it possible for all employees to participate comfortably in the meeting. This enhances the real time data transmission and sharing of the information such that the employees can be able to complete everyday chores. With web conferencing, individuals can counteract others who lack physical participation by the use of web conferencing tools (Manning Johnson, 2011). Adobe Connect for Web Meetings Many companies have found Adobe Connect to be web conferencing solution for eLearning, webinars, and online meetings that are a choice for the leading government agencies and corporations. The basis of Adobe Connect is Adobe Flash technology, which means that you can deliver rich and quality interactions that individuals can find easier to join (Manning Johnson, 2011). Adobe connect can enable your teams to perform various tasks in an efficient manner, which will reduce the cost of production as well increase the overall productivity (Manning Johnson, 2011). This can also benefit your organization in the following ways: enable rich and highly collaborative interactions; manage content and meetings in a more effective way; ensure that all participants meet easily; meet the compliance and security requirements of your organization; optimize usage, scalability, and performance; integrate with your organizations existing systems and expand the core capabilities of Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect program includes many other features suchas: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Audio integration Screen sharing Customizable, unlimited meeting rooms Meeting recording Video conferencing Therefore, it is evident that Adobe Connect supports a variety of features that are common in Web Conferencing. For instance, Adobe Connect can support high quality videos, which will enable individuals at the destination to view clear images (Manning Johnson, 2011). Of the Web Conferencing Programs, Adobe Connect was the best program in Web Conferencing. Attached is the table of Web Conferencing Comparisons. Web Conferencing Comparison Table Program License Capacity Microsoft Windows Audio Support Video Support Desktop Sharing Support Upload PPT Adobe Connect Proprietary 1-500 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Bankle Online Meeting Proprietary 1-200 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Tokbox GPL and Proprietary 20-25 Yes Yes Yes No No GoMeetNow Proprietary 1-100 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Citrix GotoMeeting Proprietary 15(25) Yes Yes Yes Yes No Fuze Meeting Proprietary 100+ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Netviewer Proprietary 1-100 Yes Yes Yes ? ? LiveOn Proprietary 1-1000 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Glance Proprietary 100 Yes No No ? ? Buy custom Adobe Connect for Web Meetings essay

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